DCSF 2018

Performance Schedule – By Venue


Thursday, June 21

Black Warrior Brewing Co. (Third Thursday Songwriter Series)

6:00-7:15: Charlie Drake, Chuck Rackley, & Jake Whipple

7:30-9:00ish: Tommy Barnes, Troy Martin, Steve Leslie


Friday, June 22

Government Plaza

6:00-6:45: Steve Leslie, Troy Martin, Tommy Barnes

7:00: The Mulligan Brothers


Black Warrior Brewing Co. (Hosted by JP Miller)

6:00-7:00: Thomas Oliver; Honeyboy & Boots

7:05-8:05: Kat Taylor, JP Miller, & Sara Howell

8:10-9:45: Andy Branton, Mike Woodard, Andolyn Parrish


Green Bar

6:00-7:25: Ryan Sobb, Rob Redwine, Andy Branton, & Dean Johanesen

7:30-9:00: Shawn Byrne, Abe Partridge, & Honeyboy & Boots



CopperTop (Hosted by Nikki Moore)

6:00-7:00: Justin Oliver, Nikki Moore, Laurie Anne Armour

7:05-8:15: Nathan Evans Fox, Victoria Camp, Brain Sutherland

8:20-9:30ish: Double Dee, Nick Nace, & Andrew Delaney


Rhythm & Brews (Hosted by Wayward Jones)

6:00-7:10: Wyatt Edmondson, Wayward Jones, & Hope Cassity

7:15-8:25: Evan Ogden, Trey Rowell, & Bubba Hall

8:30-9:45: Troy Martin, Tommy Barnes, & Steve Leslie



Band of Brothers Brewing Co. (Hosted by David Bedsole)

6:00-7:15: Double Dee, David Bedsole, and Andrew Delaney

7:20-8:35: Cody-Lee Tilley, Darren Camp, & RT Hall

8:40-10:00: Ryan Sobb, Thomas Oliver, & Rob Redwine


Billy’s Sports Grill (Hosted by Nick Biebricher)

5:00-6:10: Nick Nace, Shawn Byrne, & Bubba Hall

6:15-7:25: Andolyn Parrish, Nick Biebricher, & Josh Carples

7:30-9:00: Wyatt Edmondson, Laurie Anne Armour, & Taylor Craven




Saturday, June 23

Hotel Indigo (Hosted by Dr. Ken McGuire)

10am-Noon: Songwriters Workshop w/Steve Leslie

7:30-9:00: Shawn Byrne, Matt Jones, Taylor Craven

9:15-10:45ish: Troy Martin, Steve Leslie, Tommy Barnes


1831 (Hosted by Andy Branton)

4:30-6:00: Josh Carples, Laurie Anne Armour, Trey Rowell

6:15-7:45: Nick Biebricher, Wyatt Edmondson, Sara Howell

8:00-9:30: Nick Nace, Andy Branton, David Bedsole


Black Warrior Brewing Co. (Hosts Jud Cameron 2-6 & Robert Dienelt 6-9:30)

2:00-3:00: Wes Lee, Andrew Delaney, & David Bedsole

3:05-4:05: Brian Sutherland, Shawn Byrne, & Wyatt Edmondson

4:10-5:10: Johnny Hayes, Thomas Oliver, & Nick Biebricher

5:15-6:15: Taylor Craven, Andolyn Parrish, & Evan Ogden

6:20-7:20: Ryan Sobb, Bubba Hall & Hope Cassity

7:25-8:25: Josh Carples, Tabitha Cooley, & Mike Woodard

8:30-9:30ish: Rob Redwine, Nathan Evans Fox, & Dean Johanesen



Band of Brothers Brewing Co. (Hosted by Jason Patton)

2:00-3:25: Evan Ogden, Dean Johanesen, & Nikki Moore

3:30-5:00: Rob Redwine, RT Hall, & Nick Nace



Green Bar

4:00-5:30: Wes Lee, Mike Woodard, Darren Camp, & Bubba Hall

5:35-7:05: Matt Jones, Thomas Oliver, Brian Sutherland, & Nick Nace

7:10-9:00: Johnny Hayes, Evan Ogden, & Laurie Anne Armour


Rhythm & Brews (hosted by Victoria Camp)

5:00-6:30:  Kat Taylor& JP Miller, & Shawn Byrne

6:35-8:05:  Victoria Camp, Nathan Evans Fox, & Abe Partridge

8:10-9:45: Ryan Sobb, Brian Sutherland, & Trey Rowell



6:00-7:00: Cody-Lee Tilley, Johnny Hayes, & Dean Johanesen

7:10-8:10:  Wayward Jones, & Kat Taylor/JP Miller

8:20-9:30ish: Abe Partridge, Darren Camp, Andolyn Parrish, & Bubba Hall


Billy’s Sports Grill (Hosted by Chris Hewitt)

5:00-6:15: Wayward Jones & Abe Partridge

6:20-7:35: Andrew Delaney, Darren Camp, & Nikki Moore

7:40-9:00: RT Hall, Thomas Oliver, & Cody-Lee Tilley


Sunday, June 24; 1:30pm

“Non-music Stimuli as Inspiration for Songwriters”; a workshop presented by Dr. Kenneth McGuire and Felipe Leitao of the University of Alabama School of Music. Moody Music Building room 257. Free!