Rob Redwine

"A winner is just a loser who didn't know when to quit"... a phrase that is written on a wall, in a club in Nashville Tennessee, where Rob was playing one night recently. A phrase that should be his own personal theme song. Considering he's written so many great songs about losers, and being unlucky, and golden boys, and those who seem to land on their feet. He likes to refer to himself as an underdog. And after hearing his story, you would believe it too. 

With over 250 songs written as solo project songs, 6 albums recorded, 2 books published, national tours, and countless co-writes, you would think that he is far from anything resembling an underdog. 
Being a successful songwriter for over 12 years is not an easy task for anyone. Continuing to write new, fresh material, that pushes the envelope each and every time is an even more daunting task. Blend all of that with health scares that would have made the strongest of men weep, and you come up with a cocktail of one of the most fascinating songwriters that has ever come out of Fort Worth, Texas. 
He is the founder/front man of the Americana/Rock n Roll band Rob Redwine and The Roses. He is also a masterful Solo artist. If there ever was a storyteller through song, it's him. 

Rob Redwine is one of Texas’ best songwriters and story tellers
— Real Texas Radio
His writing... It’s just... how do I say... outside the box, yet grounded and original. Refreshingly wonderful
— Brian Rhodes Photography
He’s a wordsmith, bending and arranging the English language like a blacksmith would iron to make a tool
— Shake Music TV