Jenae Edwards

Jenae Edwards grew up as the only girl and youngest child of her family in a small town in Texas. Her three older brothers teased her a lot, but they also showed her what it looks like to be genuine and to be the same person on stage and off. And that's the way we should be, right? She wrote her first song when she was six years old. It was terrible and had questionable theology, but in it, she found a way to express herself in a way that dug deeper than just words, that satisfied an itch that was deep within her soul. From there, the Lord drew out an ability to use words to paint a passionate picture that either directly or indirectly reflects the gospel and declares the mighty works of a loving, faithful, compassionate, and just God in the daily mundane.
Her songs sing what is happening in her everyday life: in difficulties, in triumphs, in sadness, in joy. And all of things are wrapped up in the daily grind worship of the only one who is worthy of it. After all, life is a song that is worth singing, worth expressing, worth living.
The purpose of her sound is to support her lyrics, so it is usually simple, and blended to accent the words of her songs.